Purchase and/or Refinance Residential and Commercial Loans

Assist customer to purchase / refinance at any location across Australia. Helping Australian to achieve their dreams to purchase the first living home or improve their property portfolio


Most lenders have quite strict lending criteria for borrowers with small deposits. The product is for Australians who want to stop renting and own their own home. We understand that it is very difficult to save a deposit with the property price has no sight of decreasing and renting rate increased

 - Borrow up to 105% of the property value + costs!

 - None Genuine savings!

 - Solutions tailored to you!

 - Quick Response!

 - Flexibility & Options!

The product is for Australians who have had or currently have a bad credit file and need a home loan. It could be that you have had your mortgage application knocked back by a major bank or lender in the past.

You may not even be aware that you have a bad credit file and how it can stop you from qualifying for a home loan.

 - Purchase up to 95% LVR!

 - Refinance up to 90% LVR!

 - Paid or unpaid defaults, judgements and court writs!

 - Discharged bankrupt and Part 9 or 10 debts                    agreement!

 - Mortgage arrears and behind on other personal loans    or credit cards!

 - Paying out tax debts!

 - There are bad credit home loans available and we will    assist you to build a good case with the right lender!

Deeper discounts off the standard variable rate than are typically offered to non-professionals. Borrow up to 90% of your home or investment property’s value with NO Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) requirement.

Medical category cover most of medical, include Pharmacist, VET, Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, GP , Dentist, specialist etc

Professional category covers accountant, finance, lawyer and higher

 - Borrow up to 90% LVR no LMI and saved                      thousands!

 - 24/7 personal services to fit your time!

 - Fast, streamlined home loan approval!

 - Flexible lending policy!

The product is for Non-resident who is currently working and living in Australia and need a home loan. Even know there are lots of recent changes within the mortgage industry on foreign citizen lending, however there are still lenders in the market happy to assist.

 - Purchase up to 95% LVR!

 - Interest rate will be same as Australian citizen!

 - Various type of Visa Subclass

Self- Employed has various way to do their finance in contrast to PAYG. We do provide service from Full documentation (docs) with 2 or 1 year Tax Return, Addback, Profit & Loss etc to Low Docs. Low Doc is designed for self-employed customers and small business owners who may not complete their most recent tax returns or their tax returns may not be the true reflection of their current income level.

Low Doc Home Loans are a flexible financing solution for the self-employed clients.

 - Purchase up to 85% LVR!

 - No LMI up to 80% LVR!

 - ABN 6 months or more!

 - Flexible financing solution!

 - Alternative documentation for income verification!

Commercial Purchase/Refinance

Purchasing a Commercial (warehouse, business, franchise, etc...) or property development is different to purchase Residential. As there is no set rule/policy to get your loan approved. We are helping you looking at different aspects and present to lender for approval

 - Different and flexible ways to present income               evident via  Full/Low Doc, Lease Doc or No doc

 - Access multiple commercial lenders from major          bank to private lender

Retro Campervan

Car Loan / Asset Finance

Purchase Brand new or Used car

Low documentation suits Self Employed

Compare between various lender for Low interest rate compare to dealer offers

Personal Loan

Quick fund for personal purpose (Travel, Wedding, medical etc), Fast approval and settlement can be within 2-3 days:

  • Interest rate can be as low as 7.7% (unsecured)

  • Low Documentation can be achieved for Self Employed

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